Did you ever wonder what happens to your Facebook account when you die? The social network will start the procedure that it calls the “memorialization”. Your account will become a memorialized account, frozen for ever with all your comments and photos posted until you will pass away. But it will spare you the ads on your page.

The company will ensure some basic precautions to protect your privacy, therefore the memorialized profiles will no longer appear in public spaces. However many relatives complain because they want free access to the account of their loved ones. The only choice granted to the family was to demand the removal of the profile.

Eventually Facebook has introduced a new feature that allow to choose a “legacy contact” who can access the profile after the death of the owner. But don’t worry. Your account wont’ become a zombie profile.

The heir will be able to do some specific actions like write a memorial post, respond to new friends request and update the picture and cover photos. But the legacy contact will be able to neither read your private messages nor delete embarrassing photos and comments.