Il team di Playground

Every year CRIBIS, the company within the CRIF Group that specializes in providing business information on Italian and foreign companies, assigns the CRIBIS Prime Company recognition only to the 7% out of the 6 million plus companies in our country, certifying the highest level of reliability from a business relationship point of view.

This year we achieved the status of CRIBIS Prime Company. Although usually we are not keen to self-celebration, today we make an exception and take the chance to praise the work of the whole team ;D

This recognition is at the same time a reward of our creative approach and an incentive to keep on pushing ourselves. It is also gratifying for all the guys at Playground: indeed it is only thanks to their talent, determination, constant commitment and a bit of “craziness” that we have been able to become the agency we are today.

Il riconoscimento CRIBIS Prime company, assegnato da CRIBIS D&B

CRIBIS has recently reported positive results for companies based in Lombardy in 2016. The region ranks at the 6th place in terms of the overall number of CRIBIS Prime Companies: with 10.47%, Lombardy comes after Trentino Alto Adige (14.83%), Veneto (11.73%), Emilia-Romagna (11.61%), Piedmont (10.79%) and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (10.49%).

We are glad to be part of such a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem. As far as we are concerned, our business prediction for the current year confirms and exceeds last year’s positive trend. If in 2016 we grew significantly business-wise, in 2017 we are going to introduce further innovations and services. So stay tuned!