Porno rules the web. Seriously, it creates the 4,4% of the global traffic! Recently PornHub, the biggest porno website of the world released its report of the 2015, its data are incredibly important because with 21 milliards of visitors in the last 12 months it gives a true insight on global trends from a digital marketing point of view and, moreover, from a sociological one (tell me what you look for and I will tell you who you are!).

This visibility has pushed PornHub to develop innovative strategies to keep its audience and to use it to attract advertising investors. They were able to overcome brand’s reluctance to be associated with pornography with a strong and enviable content marketing strategy that should be imitated!

How? Creating useful content, able to grab attention of bloggers, newspapers and users and to obtain  links, shares, and spontaneous mentions.
Indeed, but how?

Using data and statistics that are interesting for bloggers and journalists because they are damn hard to find and precious sources to create articles. Moreover, making data and statistics look beautiful. Look for example at this chart:



Launching unbeliavable breaking news to create buzz, like Sexploration, a crowdfunding project to realise the first porno in the space.

Creating viral ad campaigns, that don’t even mention vulgarity, but emphatize with the target, using real insights and irony to tell stories without a moral judgement. Like this:


Not forgetting the offline world, creating apps, gadgets and experiences related to their website. Such as Wankband, a bracelet that accumulate energy thanks to hand movements, promoted with the claim “love the planet loving yourselves” and showing their care for the environment.

In the end, it really seems that we have a lot to learn from porno!?!