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F.C. Internazionale Milano

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The request

Narrate the highlights of FC Internazionale Milano's history in an engaging way for the fans on the occasion of the club's anniversary.

The challenge

We identified the best way to celebrate Inter's anniversary by creating a meaningful connection between the football club and its fans. The challenge was to create an emotional bond, evoking shared memories between the club and its supporters.

The insight

Fans often support a team based on family influences, which helps form strong bonds and lasting memories. These nostalgic connections foster a sense of openness and empathy in consumers, which is why we centred the club's history narrative around the fans' birth year.

The solution

We created a portal in which fans, by entering their date of birth, had access to a personalized selection of images, videos and statistics - related to the club's history. This allowed the fans to relive their lives through the team's successes, while also providing the ability to share this personalized selection on social channels.