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The request

Plan a strategic redesign, in accordance with accessibility guidelines, for Hogan's e-commerce platform. Hogan is a luxury brand that embodies elegance, sophisticated design, and quality Italian craftsmanship.

The challenge

In reimagining the e-commerce platform, we aimed to create a fresh and contemporary shopping experience while remaining true to the brand's core values. A tight deadlines meant careful planning and multiple-department coordination was necessary to develop the e-commerce flows for three different breakpoints (desktop, mobile, and tablet). Additionally, at the end of the project, we needed to deliver a UI Kit containing and documenting the components used in the layout phase.

The insight

Hogan has been successful in breaking down barriers within its market, associating sneakers with luxury and rejecting social norms and labels. This was the starting point: to renew the website while respecting the brand's values, with strategic thinking and meticulous planning. Through effective research, design, and development activities, we found a way to evoke the brand's rebellious attitude on the new site.

The solution

Before embarking on the redesign, we conducted extensive research, delving into Hogan's mission and vision to better understand the essence of the brand and let these elements guide our work. We assembled a multidisciplinary team to ensure the most comprehensive perspective on the market and to deliver a compelling result. The team's research led to the design of the user interface and the creation of e-commerce flows for desktop, smartphone, and tablet to enhance overall performance. Our detailed documentation of components and graphic elements helped us deliver a comprehensive and well-organised UI kit to the client. Addressing this challenge required a strategic approach, multidisciplinary skills, and rigorous attention to detail.