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F.C. Internazionale Milano

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The request

Create an experience page capable of showcasing the new visual identity and core values of FC Internazionale Milano while engaging the fans.

The challenge

Develop a platform to narrate the new visual identity and the key message "I M Internazionale," emphasiing the change and international spirit of the club, while also honouring its Milanese roots. Our goal was to create a digital space that resonates with a young and digital-savvy audience.

The insight

Football fans closely follow their favourite team and desire immediate content. The decision was made to develop a dedicated mini-site focusing on narrating the rebranding, characterised by stylistic elements and navigation distinct from the "standard" site, to provide fans with a clear indication of the portal's specific purpose.

The solution

The project was born as a landing page but soon grew into a multi-functional minisite. We built content around the campaign's key messaging, using bold graphics to narrate the club's visual evolution. We translated the site into three languages to extend the international reach.