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The request

Craft a landing page for the worldwide launch of the Hot Wheels Unleashed title by Milestone, an Italian team that develops some of the world's most popular racing video games, generating hype for its release.

The challenge

The challenge was twofold: on the one hand, create a space to show the new videogame, allowing visitors to pre-order a copy. On the other hand, spark curiosity ahead of the product launch and drive players to the page.

The insight

The modern era is characterised by immediate access to goods and services; for this reason, we decided to leverage the curiosity of the audience with a teasing activity on the launch page focused on a distinctive element of the game.

The solution

To capture attention before the launch, we created a teaser page with a countdown: the animation of a burning sheet hid the site, flaming for 24 hours until revealing the underlying destination page in its entirety.