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The request

Communicate the Get Vertical campaign for Salewa. We worked on the last editions of the project, which involved an online contest designed to increase brand awareness and generate new leads. The campaign aimed to give maximum visibility to the prize at stake: a basecamp experience in the Dolomites.

The challenge

We had an ambitious goal: to create a digital environment capable of welcoming and engaging those who love the outdoors and spend their time immersed in nature. With this knowledge, we studied every aspect of the campaign, from concept to compliance with regulatory obligations, to find an effective and immersive solution.

The solution

The main activation channel was the minisite, entirely designed in-house by our team. As project leaders, we analysed and proposed various participation mechanics, which also addressed some challenges related to running a contest in Italy. From the photo contest to the interactive video, we devised different solutions, animations, and interactions to enhance the user experience. We designed and developed a casual game to engage users in the instant win mechanic. We proposed an original look and feel, fully customised according to the brand's guidelines, creating customised illustrations. To complement the minisite, we created banner campaigns for display networks, social media, and PR agencies, aiming to reach and intrigue the target audience, maximising the project's visibility.