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The request

Redesign the brand identity and market positioning of Silverskin, an innovative technical clothing company specialising in the production of silver fibre base layers, in the Italian market.

The challenge

The challenge was to align Silverskin's value proposition with an appropriate positioning, despite having limited data on the target audience in a niche sector. It was necessary to create a brand narrative that highlighted innovation and technological research, while also being engaging and direct.

The insight

The 'hidden' nature of the Silverskin product – as a base layer – guided the design of the user experience, allowing us to develop the brand identity and translate it into a disruptive storytelling for the target market.

The solution

An extensive analysis enabled us to devise Silverskin's new distinctive identity. We focused on its unique values as a lever to create resonance, attract the target audience, and ultimately drive long-term purchase and loyalty. The new tagline - Power is Precious - highlights the uniqueness of the brand's product proposition, reflecting and maintaining the company's core values.