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The request

Create a landing page for the launch of Primo Thermo Dry Pro, the brand's revolutionary base layer, capable of conveying the high degree of product innovation.

The challenge

Tell the story of the Primo Thermo Dry Pro collection, highlighting the innovative and impactful product benefits, while emphasising the revolutionary technology of the new Silverskin base layers. Our mission was to create a seamless experience that guides users through the product's story and engages them in exploring its technical features. The challenge was to blend various elements to inform and entertain users, while conveying the technological aspect.

The insight

Working with innovative products is always a challenge for us. Inspired by the technical design of Primo, we developed and integrated hyper-innovative 3D models to pay tribute to the technology underlying the collection. The choice was driven by data, which demonstrated how immersive product visualisation can increase conversion.

The solution

We've crafted a landing page for the collection, opting to translate product innovation through the creation of 3D elements to describe each benefit and feature. Through specific interactions, we've achieved a hyper-innovative design and a compelling narrative.

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