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The request

Create a single-page experience to narrate Timberland’s story, values, and iconic products in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the iconic Yellow Boot. Additionally, we needed to coordinate the go-live of the page simultaneously in Europe, Asia, and America.

The challenge

A digital challenge, but also a managerial one: this project involved multiple stakeholders, aiming for a synchronised go-live across individual e-commerce platforms in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Besides actively participating in front-end development based in EMEA, we also liaised with the London-based content creation agency Rosie Lee to ensure UX/UI alignment of creativity, overseeing the entire global project whilst respecting the needs of individual regions and delivery timelines.

The insight

The abundance of information to be shared and the decrease in consumers' attention span led us to choose the development of expandable components within the page. This decision was supported by UX best practices and an extensive analysis of competitors.

The solution

The landing page we devised was integrated into the website of every country where Timberland operates, ensuring narrative continuity and coherence in presenting an iconic product that has shaped the brand's history.