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The request

The creation of an educational e-commerce section, showcasing the technologies used by the brand to help the world’s best athletes achieve their goals.

The challenge

The challenge was to adapt a large number of assets and compressing development time and data entry. For that reason, we opted for a modular design approach, allowing for the rapid yet consistent creation of technology narratives, without overlooking any details.

The insight

The design approach was inspired by the modularity of The North Face products: we conceived and created a series of highly versatile modules. The design was so versatile that the client decided to leverage them as the basis for producing a series of internal documents for the company, exponentially increasing the value of this project work for the brand.

The solution

The modular design approach allowed us to optimise time and resources. This strategy enabled the dev team to work on each customised block only once, then shifting the workload to data entry. This way, multiple team members worked on the project simultaneously, helping us meet project deadlines.

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"Thanks a lot for the amazing work on the technology hub. I just checked it out and must say it turned out even better that I expected it to be :)"