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The request

Create a landing page to support the Vans brand campaign "This is Off The Wall" and its in-store activations.

The challenge

Encourage users to actively participate in the campaign by visiting Vans stores to take part in dedicated photoshoots and share their own "Off The Wall" lifestyle. We created a digital hub capable of supporting the retail activation in an original and engaging way at Vans stores in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, and Barcelona.

The insight

We addressed two needs of our target audience: the drive to express their identity and the desire to feel part of a community that shares their values. The digital channel was used to increase traffic to the stores and simultaneously contribute to the creation of user-generated content (UGC), the best showcase for the quality of Vans products.

The solution

We developed two landing pages, both populated with real-time content. The first, intended for website users, aimed to convey a collage of dynamic images and encourage participation in the photoshoots. The second non-public-facing page was designed to feed the video walls in the stores. Using a Cloudinary account, we created a tagging system, giving Vans the ability to moderate content before publication.