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The request

Completely redesign Ventrex's corporate website, aligning it with the mood and style of the new brand identity that we revised in the preceding months.

The challenge

We took on the challenge of making a visually appealing and captivating portfolio of highly specialised products, including valves and other technical components. Starting from the product and its intricacies, we created an immersive UI to allow users to view each component in extreme detail, without losing the real, overall appearance of the product.

The insight

The highly specialised target audience that Ventrex caters to requires precise, comprehensive information and often the opportunity to experience the product firsthand. To bridge the gap between physical and digital channels, we processed the images to include as many details as possible, giving users the impression of almost physically examining the products.

The solution

The new website underwent a complete graphic overhaul, incorporating 3D renderings of the products. Our collaboration with Studio Semtempo, the creator of these elements, ensured a high-impact design. We balanced transparencies and 3D elements to keep the product at the centre of the narrative, enhancing its appeal to consumers.