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The request

Create an experience page to showcase the significant new collaboration between Timberland and Bape, one of the most iconic Japanese streetwear brands out there.

The challenge

We were faced with a complex challenge: capturing the attention of an extremely broad and discerning audience. The new collection, in fact, had to be launched simultaneously in Europe and Asia, two profoundly different markets. We had to identify a striking and exclusive solution suitable for both.

The insight

The Timberland brand called for a truly unique experience page. Leveraging technological expertise and our distinctive creativity, we literally reversed the navigation flow, offering users an unconventional browsing experience and a memorable immersive journey - all without sacrificing effectiveness and clarity.

The solution

Some key elements of the new collection reminded us of the vintage pinball game. We proposed adopting a reverse scroll from bottom to top, mimicking the dynamics of a pinball game, to accompany users in an engaging discovery of the pieces from the new collaboration.