Landing page

The collection centres on a colour palette and pattern that brings a fresh modernity to retro best-sellers. The landing page blends both past and future, culminating in a minimalist design with bursts of colour and pattern.

case tnf cmyk 01 landingdesk
case tnf cmyk 01 landingmob
case tnf cmyk 01 landingmob mobileversion


Many major campaigns such as this involve a homepage takeover. Such a prominent position on The North Face’s ecom site cannot be taken lightly. As such, we created a striking main banner, designed to grab the user’s attention and funnel them directly to the collection’s landing page. The same CMYK colour scheme and messaging are echoed, for consistency of design.

case tnf cmyk 02 hp
case tnf cmyk 02 hp mob


The collection’s products are timeless, established classics, and needed little by way of introduction. Therefore, we included less copy than in more performance-focused campaigns, instead letting the products and eye-catching design do the heavy lifting.

case tnf cmyk 03 nl desk
case tnf cmyk 03 nl mob mobileversion
case tnf cmyk 03 nl mob